Highlighting and Tagging Product Photos in eBay


Since its inception, eBay has become one of, if not the biggest stars in online selling and auctions. Each year millions of people sell their products through the internet auction site, with more and more people joining all the time. From people who just want to clear out the attic and make a few bucks getting rid of some old stuff, to brick and mortar companies who use eBay as an addition to their normal business, the online auction is open to anyone. One of the features that is available is the ability to upload photos to your eBay store. This provides merchants with a way of showing exactly what is being sold, and the condition it is in.

Costs and Skills Required

Anyone can upload photos to their eBay store easily, and the company itself offers a few tools to help users do this. Someone with some Photoshop skills could create some more interesting graphics, but higher design skills aren't needed. Ebay offers users the chance to upload several photos for free, and then charges a small fee for each additional one. There are also software solutions designed specifically for editing and uploading photos to ebay, but the same thing can also be achieved with Coral, Photoshop, or any other photo editing software.

Selection Checklist

  • Item is clearly shown
  • Photo shows actual condition
  • Photo is edited and resized
  • File size is minimized for fast download
  • Photo is saved as JPEG

Usage Details

Once the merchant has written the description of each item, photos should be taken and uploaded before the ad is run. Oftentimes, users will use official photos of items from catalogs or other websites, but permission should always be had before posting a photo that is not one's own. In addition, taking your own photos gives buyers the confidence that what they see is exactly what they are buying, so there should be no problems after the sale.

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