Effective Presentation Ideas for eBay Auction Listings

Tips and Tactics

  • When taking photos for ebay, users should keep some basic photography steps in mind. Make sure that there is enough light illuminating your item, and that the item is placed against a plain-colored backdrop, preferably grey (unless the object is grey).
  • Photos should show the scale of the item, if needed and possible. Placing the item against something that is a standard size, can help put your item into perspective for the viewer and give them more information about your item. Also, be sure that your photos show all the details and give an accurate portrayal of what you are selling.
  • Be sure to use ebay's Clic Pic program, which allows merchants to post photos which can be enlarged for better viewing. Ebay provides users with an assortment of tools and gadgets which can turn a boring store into a more exciting one.

Additional Tools

  • Digital camera
  • Scanner
  • Film camera
  • Photoshop
  • Ebay photo editor


  • Ebay.com provides users with a guide to creating and posting their photographs on their online stores, complete with things to do and to avoid
  • FotoKiss.com offers a photo editing and creation software package specifically designed for ebay users
  • Ebay also offers a photo gallery feature which allows users to create interactive photos which can better show off their items for sale

Alternatives to Consider

Learning some of the basics of Photoshop can help merchants create impressive images and graphics that will blow the competition away. Photoshop is a very powerful design tool, which is hard to master, but easy to use and learn for simple tasks.

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