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Paypal shop builders allow people to build an online shop, or ecommerce business, quickly and professionally, and can then accept credit card payment via Paypal. Creating an ebusiness website from scratch can be a complicated and long process. Paypal shop builders can allow users to get their business off the ground quickly and painlessly by using a variety of templates and programmable items that can be customized through HTML pages or CSS stylesheets. Paypal builders also should be completely able to integrate with Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Flash, or any other design suite which can be used to help with the design process.

Costs and Skills Required

Building a website from scratch can be a very difficult and ultimately painful process. Luckily, Paypal shop building software takes away the need to be able to write code and be an expert programmer, and allows regular users to have to ability to build their own ecommerce website. Even so, users should have some advanced computer and design skills to be able to fully operate, design, and manage an ebusiness website. Many of these builders can be purchased for around $100.


  • Unlimited number of websites
  • Creates thumbnail images for products
  • Customizable template
  • Generates product catalog pages
  • Supports JavaScript
  • Generates HTML, ASP, PHP versions

Usage Details

For users who already have a website and want to turn it into an ecommerce one, or who are looking to build such a site, Paypal building software can save time any money in the creation process, but without giving up any of the functionality. The software allows users to upload their product photos and descriptions directly into the builder, then customize the template's colors, style, and look, so that it matches the rest of your existing site, if you have one, or to create a whole site using the product. Users can create buttons, text formatting, shipping calculations such as tax and weight considerations, can allow customers to choose from product sizes, colors, patterns, etc., and can apply special offers and coupons to their purchases.

Continue to Part II: Paypal Shop Builder Review»

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