Payment Solution Selection for eCommerce Sites

Tips and Tactics

  • Using and understanding CSS stylesheets is an important and timesaving skill which can allow users to easily duplicate pages. CSS allows users to program the general look and outline of a webpage, and then save it for future use. Using this method, each web page will come out with the headers, photos, menus, logos, colors, fonts, and more in the same place each time.
  • Paypal site builders can also be integrated with ebay to help improve your sales, create an easier interface for your clients, sell more products easier, and increase your profits.

Additional Tools

  • Dreamweaver
  • FrontPage
  • Flash
  • Affiliate marketing program
  • Shopping cart templates


  • offers a many free downloads and resources for developers and website owners, including a PayPal shop building software which can be used free for 30 days
  • offers a free trial of their Paypal shopping cart, which provides easy uploading and creation of ecommerce websites
  • offers Ebay users an article with many tips on increasing their selling through Paypal stores as well as other ways

Additional Considerations

Paypal store software allows users to create online stores, or to add a sales portion to an already existing website. Templates allow users who may not have the highest level of design and programming skills to create an entire website from scratch, but templates also exist for almost any task that needs to be done. From writing press releases, to designing logos, websites of any type, or a wide variety of other tasks, templates allow users to create any document using ready-made outlines that can be easily customized.

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