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Pay per click marketing, or PPC, is a form of marketing in which ads are placed on websites, search engines, blogs, and advertising networks, and the advertiser pays a website for each visitor that is sent to their site by clicking on the ad. The price that is paid for each keyword is determined by bidding, like an auction. Each time a search is done for one of the keywords, the ad can appear. This is called relevant content.


PPC advertising is great for businesses and budgets of all sizes. Since it is based on a bid/auction type format, advertisers can set their budgets, and their ads will show until the budget is exhausted. The beauty of PPC affiliate programs is that you only pay for results. Because the very nature of the business sends someone to your site, you can be sure that you are not wasting money, and that your expenditures will result in more traffic.


Pay Per Click advertising is not an overnight solution, but it is a very quick one. As soon as a PPC program is started, it is possible to see results almost immediately, but perfecting strategies and making sure that your plan is maximizing your advertising dollars takes some time. Running several campaigns at the same time is a good way to test and compare different campaigns.

Action Plan

Signing up with Google, Yahoo, or another advertising agency will streamline your process and allow you to use a variety of tools that these companies provide to track and compile data. Advertisers will be well served to focus their attentions on studying and purchasing good, quality keywords, and looking for bargains which the market may have overlooked, but which still may produce. Although increasing traffic is great for websites and ecommerce businesses, more traffic in itself doesn't mean more profits unless that traffic is converted into sales. Making sure that your site's landing page is optimized to convert the sale will mean that your advertising campaign is doing more than just sending visitors to a website. Making sure that the landing page features clear, concise information, and instructions for your visitors will do this.

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