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Paid search engine marketing is a marketing strategy in which programs such as Google's AdWords, Yahoo's Sponsored Search and Search Submit, MSN's adCenter, and shopping feeds, are all used to place ads on the search engine results pages, websites, blogs, indexes, and directories. Paid search engine marketing is a multibillion dollar a year business, that grows several times over each year. Typically these programs allow ads to gain higher exposure than organic marketing, and are great options for businesses of all sizes. Paid search engine marketing allows advertisers to have a greater visibility for their websites, and build their brand and corporate recognition quickly.


Paid search engine marketing is available to advertisers with budgets of all sizes, since keywords are bid on, and their prices determined by their popularity. Advertisers with any budget can bid on keywords, which will show until the budget is exhausted. The beauty of this type of marketing campaign is that since the keywords trigger the ads, you can be assured that the people who see the ads already have at least some interest in what you are selling.


Although results can be seen almost immediately, perfecting a paid search engine marketing campaign will take some time. Once the ads begin showing, traffic to your site should pick up immediately. To maximize your strategy, running several campaigns at the same time will allow you to test different strategies and keywords. Those that don't perform as well can be stopped with a few clicks of the mouse, and those funds can be redirected into more profitable streams.

Action Plan

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of paid search engine marketing. Understanding which words generate the most traffic, and then picking those which are economically viable for your budget will help get a campaign off the ground. When signing up with one of these companies, a number of useful web analytics tools are put at the advertiser's disposal. These handy tools allow users to track the success and the metrics of each campaign and include tracking traffic patterns, email response rates, sales information, and many other tools.

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