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Pay per click advertising is one of, if not the most, popular form of internet advertising forms that exist, and can be highly effective for internet marketers, but it can also pose some problems to its users. Depending on your individual campaign and keywords, some PPC campaigns can have their funds drained quickly as clicks can come in batches of high traffic which can either raise your advertising costs, or use a month's budget in a short amount of time. Likewise, keyword bid analysis can be a time consuming process as well, especially when dealing with a large number of keywords. Luckily, PPC software has been developed to help deal with these and other problems that seem to haunt internet advertisers on a regular basis.

Costs and Skills Required

Anyone who is able to set up and run an online advertising campaign should be able to use this software with few problems. Users should be familiar with web analytics, keywords, advertising programs, and should be able to implement the changes that the software recommends. BidRank, one of the more popular PPC software solutions, costs roughly $150 per year, for small company usage.

Checklist for Selecting PPC Software for Your Website

  • Automated bidding
  • Target ranking
  • Maximum bidding
  • Multiple accounts
  • Gap surfing

Implementation Concerns

PPC and online advertising can be a very time consuming business, and as your website and networks grow, so will the amount of time needed to spend monitoring your ad campaigns. Employing PPC software can help you keep your accounts organized, and can even do much of the work for you. As many online advertisers know, bidding for keywords is one aspect which can be a time sink, and also can cost money when you are constantly being outbid for the most popular keywords. PPC software can be set to autobid on keywords on certain intervals that you are able to set yourself. Bids can be sent it anywhere from every 60 seconds to every 24 hours, and each keyword can be customized for its own bidding schedule.

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