Successful Marketing Campaigns with Low Cost Ads

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Tips and Tactics

  • It's no secret that there can be significant gaps between the prices relative to the different positions in the rankings in PPC advertising. First place could cost $1.00 per click, while sixth place might cost $.50. PPC software can find the gaps between the varying prices, and will automatically bid $0.01 more than a competitor to get you the position that you want.
  • Maintaining a number one position is key for many online advertisers, and PPC software can make sure that your campaign stays in this position by combining several of the features in the program. By setting the target rank that you want, such as number one, and then asking the program to constantly bid on that position every minute, you can be sure that your ads stay in the best possible position.

Additional Tools

  • Google AdWords, or AdSense account
  • Affiliate advertising programs
  • Keyword tools
  • Web analytics


  • offers some advice on different PPC software packages, and looks at some features to search
  • is a software package which offers users many of the features discussed in this article in one easy to use program
  • is another software and consulting company, which offers solutions for startups, developers, content sites, industry portals, and more

« PPC Software (Part I)

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