Managing Affiliates For More Sales and Better Yield

Tips and Tactics

  • Many advertisers in highly competitive industries go so far as to offer 100% commissions to their publishers. While this is certainly not winning business strategy overall, if affiliate marketing is only one part of an overall strategy, then basically allowing affiliates to reap the total rewards of each sale may not make economic sense, but among the community of affiliates, your company will become well known and popular.
  • Search engine optimization is the process of making changes and additions to your website, through keywords, internal tags, and a linking campaign, to boost your sites rankings in the search engines. Making a few of these simple changes can send your site shooting up the rankings, and of course, higher rankings, mean more traffic, and more traffic means more clicks on your advertisers ads.
  • For owners starting a PPC, the most important page on your website will be your landing page. When you do get traffic coming into your site because of your PPC campaign, you want to be able to convert as many visitors into sales as possible. Having a clear, concise landing page built to keep visitors interested is one way to make sure that all that extra traffic turns into extra business, which is the point of advertising campaigns in the first place.

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