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For anyone who publishes a newsletter, using templates can save the time, effort, and anguish of having to create layouts for them. Newsletter templates are ready-made outlines, just waiting for users to plug in their own logos, company information, articles, links, graphics, and anything else you choose to include. These useful tools are readily available online from design and publishing websites, and are typically included in such software suites as Microsoft Office, Works, and similar programs offered by competitors.

Costs and Skills Required

Newsletter templates are available free online, and Microsoft's Office suite also comes with some. They can also be bought for a small fee. The beauty of templates is that they allow people who may not have publishing or design training to produce professional quality newsletters quickly and easily. Some writing skill may be needed to create the articles and text that will eventually go into the template, and perhaps some skill using Photoshop or another photo editing software may be needed to prepare images, photos, graphics, and logos for inclusion.

Practical Tips

Articles can be written using word processing programs and then cut and pasted into the templates, or can often be written directly inside. Once the newsletter is completed, it can then be emailed or printed for distribution. For mass distribution of emails, employing an autoresponder or bulk email sending program can assure that the majority of the newsletters reach their destinations. Companies planning to use newsletters as a major piece of their marketing plan, should always have a plan in order to collect and manage contact lists and leads. A webpage which allows and encourages sign-ups for further information (or contests where visitors enter their contact information for the chance to win a prize) is a great way to continually build up leads and contact lists for future mailing and emailing campaigns. Mailing lists and lead lists can also be rented or purchased from brokers for varying prices. These lists can be extremely useful if they come from reputable companies.

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