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Newsletters are great marketing tools that can be used to deliver company or product information directly to your clients, in a form that's interesting and useful to read. eZines and newsletters are basically super-emails that are sent on a regular basis to a group of subscribers. Electronic newsletters can be filled with articles, graphics, links, and photos, and are typically created using HTML, so that they are more dynamic, useful, and better organized. Once a newsletter has a wide audience, advertising space can be sold to other advertisers.


The cost of putting together a newsletter is very negligible. Time is the only real expenditure, and perhaps the need to hire a programmer for the HTML, or to rent or buy a mailing list, if you don't have your own.


Creating a newsletter can take a bit of time to write the different articles, and if code must be written that will add to the process. Using newsletter templates can cut down on the time spent by a good deal.

Execution Details

Anyone running an online business which relies on mailing campaigns should always be collecting lists and contact information. A good, reliable list of contacts is the most important aspect in any type of mass mailing enterprise, so spending time making sure that you are collecting good, quality, interested leads, and not just random email addresses is important. A good way to do this is to have a sign up page on a website, or to use affiliate services to generate quality leads. Newsletter templates are readily available online for free, and can save lots of time that would be spent designing and coding the newsletter. When creating a newsletter, be sure to fill it with interesting and useful information. Including some "teaser" paragraphs from some of your best articles is a great way to increase interest and to lead readers to a website or other page. Keeping readers interested is a key ingredient to a successful campaign, so having a way for them to be involved in the ezine, such as posting testimonials, asking them to guest write articles, and offering giveaways to regular readers are all great ways to keep interest high.

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