Customer Dialog Through Regular Newsletters

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Writing and distributing a periodic newsletter is a great way to boost interest in your company and you business, and a great way speak directly to your customers to keep them informed of new events, products, and company news. However, creating a newsletter can become a full-time job in itself, especially if the company is a smaller operation with limited resources and manpower. Newsletter management software can help out dramatically in cutting down time spent designing, writing, distributing, and managing your newsletter - time which can then be dedicated to growing and improving the company itself.

Costs and Skills Required

Newsletter management software allows users to streamline and automate much of their newsletter process, however they do require some computing skills. The software needs to be integrated into the existing website, hosting system, and email. Typically this set up is aided by a wizard and of course there should always be tech support available. Costs for this type of software typically run in the hundreds of dollars.

Selection Checklist

  • Email announcements
  • Email list hosting
  • Email newsletters
  • Opt-in email lists
  • Direct email campaigns
  • Bulk email campaigns
  • Full statistics and tracking info

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