Mobile Ads On Social Networks and Web 2.0 Sites

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Mobile advertising is a form of marketing, similar to online marketing, but which is aimed at displaying ads on cellular phones. With the growing integration of cell phones, internet, and wireless connectivity, and with smartphones poised to be the intermediary between laptops and cellulars, this industry seems to be the next in line to take off in the coming years. While only a small fraction of advertising costs is currently being targeted for mobile marketing, this percentage is soon to rise considerably. Inside the category of mobile advertising, there are a variety of different techniques, such as banner ads, advertising inside games, videos, and television programming, ads that show up while a website is loading, and audio ads that play before a voice mail message.


At the moment, mobile ads are most costly than traditional online advertising methods, but as this form of marketing takes off and becomes more competitive, the costs should come down.


Mobile advertising has yet to really take off as a major component of most advertisers' arsenals, but it soon will. As it stands at the moment, results can be seen immediately, as far as traffic is concerned, but financial results may not follow until mobile advertising becomes more mainstream.

Execution Details

When an advertiser signs up with a marketing company to run their campaign, a variety of web analysis tools are made available to the user to track the campaign. Understanding these tools and how measuring metrics can help users understand the profitability of a campaign, and to know where it is succeeding and where it is failing. Some of the components of a mobile marketing campaign include: designing a landing page, keyword research, writing ad copy, setting up the campaign, and tracking any analyzing traffic and visitor behavior. Apart from traditional leaders such as Google and Yahoo, offerings from new companies like AdMob and Pinch Media are worth evaluating while deciding your ad program.

Continue to Part II: Mobile Ads for mCommerce sites»

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