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Studying marketing case studies from many of the most successful companies in your particular industry as well as in others, can provide great insight and models to use for your future campaigns. Case studies can provide strategies that are known to work, and can show how other companies have had success using certain strategies, and how they compile and use their information. Marketing case studies provide a way to look at and analyze information, data, and events, and then display this is a report form for future use. Case studies are typically done for abnormal cases, highly important ones, and cases that seek to set a new trend. For example, if a marketing strategy has completely failed or achieved enormous success, this would be a prime candidate to examine and report the reasons for failure or success.


Case studies for other companies can be found online for free or for a small fee. To conduct a professional case study, the costs can be high, although simpler ones can be done by small companies quite easily and cheaply as long as all the data and statistics are kept in good order.


Businesses should always be compiling information and comparing and contrasting different marketing strategies. Case studies can be quite simple and basic, or more complex.

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Online businesses who use AdWords and other search engine marketing tools will have a wide variety of tools at their disposal to compile and compare this information. Adwords and similar advertising programs offer a wealth of tools and services which can help analyze and understand the data and create reports. Google also offers their own case studies for major companies who have used or are using their services, so that smaller businesses can see how large companies use analytics and other advertising tools to track their business and conversions.

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