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  • Cookies are of key importance to compiling the data that will be used in case study reports. Cookies are small tracking programs which follow users' movements and send reports back to you occasionally. These tools allow users to know where visitors went after visiting the site, how long they stayed on each page, where they went after leaving, and other things.
  • Web analytics should be used by anyone with a website to better understand their customers and their traffic. Someone with an ecommerce site who is running any sort of advertising campaign, can use these tools to determine which campaigns are effective, and which are wasting money. Analytics also can tell you which of your partner sites are outperforming and which are underperforming, so that you can adjust your campaign accordingly.
  • Businesses should also set goals for certain time periods which they want to meet. Having these goals will allow you to know, after creating case studies, if you are meeting these goals, and if not, how you can improve your business strategies so that you do.

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