Budget Planning and Resource Allocation for Marketing Team

Tips and Tactics

  • Marketing calculators are great tools for designing reports, white papers, business plans, and case studies. Of course, all that is really needed are simple math skills, but these tools allow users to organize and more easily monitor results.
  • If the idea of doing your own books sounds daunting (for small and medium sized businesses, it really shouldn't) but consultants and accountants can be hired to do in-depth calculations and business analysis for your company, and your advertising and marketing campaigns.

Additional Tools

  • Google AdWords
  • Web analytics
  • Marketing budget matrices
  • Competitive matrix
  • SEO tools
  • Keyword tools
  • Program roadmap
  • Launch marketing budget


  • GiveToGetMarketing.com is a website resource for online businesses of all sizes, which offers articles, tips, ideas, case studies, and a variety of useful marketing calculators to help determine different financial criteria for online businesses
  • TemplateZone.com offers a number of marketing calculation tools to help businesses grow, as well as support, resources, and more
  • PragmaticMarketing.com is a marketing resource site featuring magazines, newsletters, books, blogs, and other tips for marketers, including ideas on measuring ROI and using calculators

SEO as Alternative Free Marketing Method

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of writing and designing a website so that it achieves the highest ranking possible in the search engines. Such things as using relevant content, rich with keywords, and using those keywords in a certain manner, and a certain amount of times per page (called keyword density) are a few of the ways to optimize a site. Also, and probably the most powerful way to optimize a site is through links. Search engines don't only look at your site, but also at all of the sites that link to yours. If one of these sites gets banned or falls in the rankings, this can affect your site as well.

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