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Magazine advertising is a powerful way for businesses and advertisers to reach a wide audience of potentially interested customers. Each magazine caters to a specific group of readers, so by running an ad in a magazine that is somehow related to your business, you can be sure that readers may be, at least somewhat interested in your business or service. Magazine ads can be anything from a small text ad located in the classified section, or an elaborate graphic laid out over a few pages. Magazines come in all shapes and sizes, from major publications sold worldwide, to small local ones. There are also specialized classified magazines, in which advertisers can place a small ad for a small fee.


Depending on the publication, size of the ad, length of time to run it, and how elaborate the ad is, prices for magazine advertising can run from tens of dollars for a small ad in a local magazine, to the hundreds of thousands for large national or worldwide publications. On top of the fees the magazine charges, for a spread featuring graphics or photos, professional photographers, designers, artists, and others required for a photo shoot. This also can run in the thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars, if so needed. Other factors to consider are color, size, and length of time the ad will run. Signing long term contracts can save advertisers money as well. Small text ads can be placed in the classified section of many smaller periodicals, and even some larger ones, for very reasonable fees.


Again, the time required for magazine advertisements is case specific. Small text ads can be placed quickly, simply by writing the ad, and then calling or emailing it to the advertising department. These ads can appear as soon as the next edition of the magazine is published. Larger, more complex ads, obviously can take much longer. Hiring designers and photographers, locating talent, and coming up with a story or concept, and then executing it can take as much time and money as can be invested. Ads should be run for several months, if not years, to see their full results. In fact, major magazines normally have partnerships with the same group of advertisers for long periods of time.

Action Plan

Deciding whether or not to produce the commercials in house or whether to hire outside entities, should be a primary concern. With the new advances in design software that most people can use, in house designing can be done much cheaper than hiring an agency for the shoot. It's also important to understand the differences in readership of several magazines that you are considering. Analyzing the demographics, and understanding who your magazine ad will and should cater to, is a step that should be undertaken early on.

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