TV Advertisment for Small Business Owners


Local TV advertising is one of the oldest and most powerful ways for advertisers to show their product or service to a wide variety of people. Essentially what is needed is production equipment (which can be rented or bought), a script, talent (actors or voice actors), a way to edit, and air time for broadcasting. All major cities will have several studios which can shoot and edit a broadcast quality commercial, these days, and a surprising number of smaller markets can offer this service as well. With local TV advertising, it is important to be seen as often as possible, so spending lots of money on a bright, shiny commercial, but only being able to air it a few times per month is not as good as being able to show a simple commercial with fewer bells and whistles many times per day.


With the low cost of video equipment now, investing a few thousand dollars in a broadcast quality camera, editing software, and some lights and sound equipment will save money over the long run by being able to produce broadcast quality commercials in-house. A good camera, such as a Canon XL-1 or GL-1, can be purchased for $3000 new. Local TV advertising air time costs can vary greatly between markets, so there is no one fixed rate, but costs probably aren't as high as you might think. A good guideline is to figure to spend between 5-10% of your gross profits on local TV advertising.


Although television advertising is a very powerful method for reaching a wide audience, it is a fairly slow and involved process. A good, simple commercial can be put together in as little as a week or several days. Buying airtime and finding air time and negotiating this can take several days if not a week or two, and then once the commercial starts running, time should be given for the word to spread. If local TV advertising is a real option for your business, it should be given at least 6 months to see full results.

Program Execution Details

Producing in-house is one way to do it, or hiring a professional studio, or a boutique studio are options. Many options exist for local TV advertising, with full service studios, which take care of production, buying air time, and negotiating the deals. What is most important is to know your business as well as your audience and customers. If your market is in Iowa, hiring a firm from New York or LA might not serve your business as well as hiring someone more locally. Analyzing the slots available, the demographics of the viewers for certain shows and during certain parts of the day is key to targeting your audience for your local TV commercials.

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