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Local internet marketing follows many of the same rules as regular internet marketing, but for companies who have a certain percentage of their sales done on a local scale, it is almost imperative for them to have a local marketing campaign. This type of marketing uses local directories, local as well as global search engines, and geo-targeting keywords to reach a local audience. Local internet marketing can make use of maps and other advertising channels to get business that other larger companies may overlook.


There are lots of free ways to market locally on the internet, as well as paid ones. Compared to a global campaign, local internet marketing is typically cheaper, and finding directories and local search engines that are less known than the Yahoos and Googles of the world can further lower costs.


A few hours is really all that is needed to set up a local internet marketing campaign, create the business profiles for the directories, and buy the keywords. Researching keywords and economic models will take some time, and constant maintenance is needed to make sure the site and advertisements are always in top shape.

Action Plan

The idea behind local internet marketing is that many businesses overlook their local markets and fail to take advantage of local directories and search engines in their pursuit of a global clientele. Local directories and search engines work on the same principle as the yellow pages in the telephone book, and Google and Yahoo offer local or geo-targeted sections. In order to take advantage of this service, you should create a localized webpage, which is a service offered by most of the search engines, that can be just a few pages. Even if you already have a main web page for your company, creating a new local one, can help you get found in local searches. Setting a budget and sticking to it will help your local internet marketing campaign, and help you keep your finances in order. Buying keywords in search engines and finding bargains is another key step.

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