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Live chat is a growing form of customer service, support, and sales service which is helping many online companies close more sales, boost their online business, and creating more and more satisfied customers. Live chat is a software service which, like Instant Messenger and Skype, allows visitors to a site to chat with a real, live person before or after their purchase. By including this feature on your site, you are reassuring customers that the site is not merely some automated computer program, but is actually run by real people who are there to answer questions, assist with sales, and offer support as needed. Adding a live chat feature can increase sales by lessening shopping cart abandonment, and help to close a sale.


Different companies offer this software at various prices, depending on the features required, but a basic service might cost in the range of $30 per month.


Live chat software is very easy and simple to install and really only requires installing a few bits of code into the programming. Of course, answering the customers' requests will require a full time commitment, but the set up portion requires little time.

Execution Details

What is most important when deciding whether or not to implement a live chat feature to your ecommerce business is to make sure that you have the time and resources to dedicate to the full customer service that live chat offers. If your company is ready to assume the major responsibility of dealing with customers in a much more dynamic environment than email offers, live chat offers to fill the gap between email and telephone response to customer inquiries.

Continue to Part II: Live Sales Chat»

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