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  • When responding to potential clients, professional etiquette should always be followed. When a potential client contacts your company, whoever is responding to the request should give their full name, and answer the query in the same tone and language as they would if they were answering a telephone call.
  • Live chat is a great feature which can help improve conversion rates, but it is an intensive and time consuming tool. For many sites, live chat should only be featured on certain pages, such as a customer service page, or on a checkout page (to help solidify conversions).
  • Chat services should only be offered when your company is available to answer requests. There is nothing wrong with setting hours for when chat services are available, or inviting customers to leave a message and time when they will be available for a chat, but during the time that it is active, someone should always be there to answer questions.
  • Employees who are responding to customers should always be provided with all the resources needed to accurately and completely answer any questions that might arise. Employees should always have access to product availability and inventory, since for ecommerce businesses these will likely be the majority of questions presented.

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