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For people wishing to get their site indexed and ranked highly in the search engines, a link building campaign is imperative. No matter how well designed a site is, or how many pages it has, the most important key to high rankings is the number of links that other sites have pointing to your site. A website with a link pointing to your site can be thought of as a vote for your site. The more votes your site has to be higher it will be ranked. Of course, some sites are more important than others so a vote from one of these important sites has a heavier weight to it.


Link building can be done alone, in house, or a professional agency can be hired to manage and run the campaign. The major cost is time, as you must rely on other web sites, and other webmasters, to place a link on their site. A whole industry exists based on link building. Link building can be done for free and a barter system where one website will place a link for a another in return for the other website doing the same. Links can also be purchased with prices ranging from tens of dollars to hundreds or thousands of dollars.


Link building is a time consuming proposal. Emails must be sent and answered and it is up two others to place your link in their site. Obviously, they can take as much time as they like to do so. Successful link building is not a one time occurrence, but should be on ongoing effort to add as many links from your site to other sites, and from other sites to your site.

Devil is in Details

While it is important to have many sites pointing to your site, and voting for your site, it is also important to have quality sites doing so. Just as a house in a bad neighborhood will lose its value, so will a site with votes from sites deemed by the search engines to be bad. It is important to plan and make a list of quality sites with high PageRank from Google. For sites just beginning, buying a link or links from a highly ranked site can be very beneficial. There are many sites like this who will gladly link to your site for a fee perhaps $100. Once you have a list of candidates, write up a form email that can easily be tailored and personalized for each site. Ask these sites if they would be interested in partnering with you. Keep doing this on a regular basis, and you will see your site shoot up the rankings.

Suggested Approach

Although it might very well sound like a cliche, when it comes to getting links for search engine optimization, it is all about quality of links and not quantity. Here are a few suggestions on how can you get quality links for your website.
  • Site linking to you must have relevant topic/content with your site. Here NextBee's unique approach of facilitating you build network of closely knit businesses with whom you can share links plays a pivotal role.
  • The links should be there for permanently. Don't get duped by any offer to get your link on the home page of highly ranked site. Search engines sandbox the links i.e. they do not give weight to a link unless it stays on a site for a while and the longer the link stays the more weight you get.
  • On the page linking to you there should be limited number of links. Don't be lost in the crowd - no user will ever find you there and so search engines know it is a link for just the sake of the link. No use of such link
  • Phase out link building work so that you don't have hundreds of new links over night. If you catch on some genuine link bait idea then don't worry much but remember your site will probably will get flagged and pass through pseudo-human review before you get all the juice of those inbound links. So if it is not 100% honest then don't go for too many links.
  • Avoid paying for links (at least overtly!). Be it a pay per post scheme or directory listings. Search engines will use such information at best to categorize your site but no gain for you in terms of search ranking.
Treat links just as your real world connections - it is continual effort with long term gain. Best strategy is to think of inbound links whenever you get a business card from someone - if you are important to that person he/she will add link to your website - connect with you through NextBee and you will get real mileage in your business rather than some artifact related to number of links that really don't matter when it comes to your business volume.

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