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In the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the links that you build from your site to other sites, and the inward-bound links that point from other sites to yours, are some of the most powerful tools for achieving a high ranking in the search engines, and boosting your website's profitability. The search engines rank sites using a number of different criteria, and the sites that your website is connected to have a direct effect on your own site's ranking. A website with a good ranking may have hundreds or even thousands of links associated with it, links that have to be continually monitored, as a link to a site that has been banned by Google or Yahoo, can negatively impact the sites that are linking to it.

Costs and Skills Required

Link management software is typically easy to use and fairly straightforward in and of itself. Anyone with the skills and knowledge to set up links for their site, and with basic SEO and site design skills should be able to quickly integrate link management software into their tools. Many link management tools can be found online for free, or for a negligible price.

Selection Checklist

  • Creates a search engine friendly directory
  • Easy integration
  • Instant updates
  • Checks external and internal links
  • Retrieves email addresses
  • Retrieves in-depth information for each link
  • Spam proof

Implementation Details

Link management software typically allows users email, data gathering, and link checking abilities. The email components offer users ways to parse and save the email addresses from their partner sites. With these email addresses, the user can then use the email templates included in the software to create custom emails to send their link partners. The software also gives users the ability to retrieve and save data from each link partner, such as titles, descriptions, addresses, and PageRanks. The software also allows users to search through their links by themes, categories, or other fields.

Continue to Part II: Tracking Website Links»

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