Verifying Website Links from Link Partners

Tips and Tactics

  • When looking for link partners, targeting websites with high PageRankings is always a good idea, but also is the hardest to get, especially if your site is not highly ranked. Oftentimes, webmasters aren't willing to link to lower ranked sites, since this would bring their ranking down. Link exchanges or link brokers will sell links to high ranked sites for a fixed amount of time, and buying these temporarily can give new sites the rankings needed to petition other sites with high rankings.
  • Anytime you do link to a new site, you should check the link often at the beginning to make sure that the webmaster is fulfilling his obligation to link to you.

Additional Tools

  • Keyword tool
  • Website building software
  • Email management software


  • is a website offering resources and tools to webmasters, designed to help with link management, either for free, or for low prices
  • is a link management software solution, which offers users email, data, and link management tools for businesses of all sizes
  • offers an article on link exchanges and some great tips on making your linking work for you

Additional Considerations

SEO is a powerful and useful way to help your website reach the maximum efficiency and prosperity that it can. A number of different SEO tools are available online for varying prices which can help manage keywords, photos, and can even simulate the spiders that Google and the other search engines use to measure and rank sites. These tools can tell you exactly what Google will see and allow users to make all the necessary changes to achieve a high ranking.

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