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Label designing software is a graphic design suite that allows users to create address, shipping, DVD, CD, envelope, file folder, post card, name badge labels and more. Typically the software offers an assortment of fonts, sizes, and alignments, as well as the ability to include photos, logos, graphics, and bar codes to your labels. Photoshop or other design programs are similar, more sophisticated programs, which offer similar features, plus many others.

Costs and Skills Required

Label designing software can be found online for free, or can be purchased for under $40. Many computers come with design software installed which can also be used to create labels. Since this software is a stripped-down version of larger, more comprehensive design programs such as Photoshop or CorelDraw, it is much easier to use, and doesn't require the design skills and mastery of the software that more expansive programs do. Of course, the more design skills and creativity that one can bring to the process, the more innovative and clever the labels and designs that can be created will be, but for basic use, nothing more than an average knowledge of computers and software will be needed.

Usage Scenario

Someone looking to engage in a direct mail campaign of any sort will want to use a label designing software tool. After the pamphlet, letter, or newsletter is ready to go, the label maker can be used to print out terrific and professional quality labels to attach to the envelopes or to affix directly to the newsletters, featuring company logos, return sending information, and the recipients' addresses. Likewise, these tools can be used for people who are sending prospective DVDs to clients, who can design and print quality labels featuring track information, and company contact information. Users should also be sure to look for a label designing software that includes templates. Templates are ready-made examples which can easily be customized in just a few quick steps with logos, company information, colors, fonts, and more. Templates are great for users looking for the quickest, easiest way to get the job done. Templates save the time of having to program and outline each individual project. Better programs will allow users to create and save their own templates for future use.

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