Custom Labeling for Professional Business Image

Selection Checklist

  • Prints and designs different shaped labels
  • Variety of fonts available
  • Transparency controls
  • Templates included

Tips and Tactics

  • When purchasing a label making software program, be sure that it comes with templates, or at least can be integrated with downloadable templates. Using model labels that are already waiting for you to just fill in your personal company information will save time and save you from having to design new layout every time.
  • Another feature to look for is database compatibility. A good label making program should allow users to import a contact list directly from Excel, Access, or other programs, so that labels don't have to be done individually.

Additional Tools

  • Photoshop
  • Corel Draw
  • Microsoft Office
  • Business Card Makers

Reference Links

  • offers a detailed report and comparison for ten of the most popular label making software programs available
  • offers some insight and articles on creating business cards and labels
  • also offers a video tutorial on how to use their software

Additional Considerations

Many label making programs have business card design programs built in as well, so if you find one that contains both features, you can save a little money by purchasing both at the same time. Photoshop or Corel Draw can also be used to create templates for labels, although importing contacts from a database likely won't work with those programs.

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