Tracking Website Ranking and Improvement in Content

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Keywords are the all-important piece of any online marketing strategy, and making sure that the ones that you choose are the right ones for your advertisements will insure that your campaign is a successful one. Keyword tracking tools allow users to generate similar keywords or keyphrases, and to track each of them to determine the ranking of the different ones, and then to compare the differences in each strategy. Keyword trackers also allow users to track the backlinks, PageRank of different web pages, and to create custom charts with data from various keywords to help manage your campaigns.

Costs and Skills Required

Keyword tools are extremely simple to learn and master, are generally free or cost very little, yet also are some of the more important and useful tools that online marketers, advertisers, publishers, and ecommerce webmasters can use to help track their campaigns.

Checklist for Selecting Keyword Tracker

  • Exports to Excel
  • Stores data locally
  • Automation
  • Easy configuration
  • Tracks numerous keywords
  • Creates customizable charts
  • Unlimited domains
  • View daily, weekly, monthly trends
  • Google compatibleHO

How Keyword Tracker Help Marketers?

Keyword tracking tools allow users to optimize their websites by choosing the best keywords, generating similar keywords, and researching the niches in the market for keywords to exploit. Using this technology, a webmaster can decide using accurate data, which keywords are the better performing, and which are not generating up to expectations. In this manner, diverting funds from less productive accounts into those receiving the most interest can save money and make for a more efficient marketing strategy.

Continue to Part II: Competitive Keyword Analysis»

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