Tracking Search Engine Rank For Website Keywords

Tips and Tactics

  • Using keywords may seem easy at first glance, but there is definitely a strategy involved when writing copy. Keyword density, how often a word appears in a page, is just one of the ways that the algorithms analyze sites for ranking.
  • Knowing the prices of keywords, and the differences between similar ones, can help savvy webmasters choose wisely, and discover bargains. Using these tools, one can avoid the more popular keywords which typically cost large amounts to use, and can find others which can perform similarly well, yet may cost only a fraction of the price.
  • Of course, using the more popular keywords in your copy is fine. It would be difficult to write anything without using the more popular words, however, paying for them should not be an option for beginning webmasters. Rather than paying for the more popular keywords that everybody wants, you can target segments of the market by attaching geographical or other qualifying words to them. Rather than using 'car', you could use, 'used car california'.

Additional Tools

  • Keyword density analyzers
  • Web analytics
  • Google AdWords
  • Marketing calculators
  • Alexa rank calculator
  • Meta analyzer
  • Link price calculator


  • is a marketing blog which offers a useful article on improving PageRank on Google, and using keyword trackers to manage and collect data about keywords and marketing campaigns
  • offers a free SEO and keyword tool on their website, as well as their consulting, SEO, and marketing services and resources
  • is a resource site offering many tools to help webmaster with SEO and keyword analysis, as well as marketing and more

Additional Considerations

Keyword analysis tools are just one part of a suite of products that can help make tracking the metrics of a website and online marketing campaign easy and can help take a site to the next level. Other tools, such as keyword density analyzers, link popularity analyzers, keyword suggestion tools, keyword optimizers, keyword difficulty tools, and spider simulators are just some of the tools that are available, many for free or for a low price, to help websites become highly ranked, and more profitable.

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