Optimizing Keyword PPC Ad Performance

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Keyword list management is the process of monitoring, building, auditing, tagging, deleting, and creating the keywords that are being used in an online marketing campaign. There are many different metrics used to determine the effectiveness of internet marketing campaign, such as Return on Investement (ROI), Cost Per Click (CPC), and so on. Also included in the category are the processes of creating and testing different keywords, ad copy, and trying different online services.


Keyword list management software can be found online in varying qualities and prices, ranging from free to tens of dollars. Employing a professional management service can run the gamut of prices also depending on the services. Some companies offer a one time fee for setting up an account that can cost a few hundred dollars, while others who offer monthly maintenance services, can run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on your budget.

Usage Details

Keyword list management is an ongoing process that should always be conducted by anyone engaging in any sort of online marketing. Whether using software, contracting a professional service, or just doing it manually, tracking the metrics and success or failure of keywords and campaigns and then reacting to that success by buying more good keywords, and stopping the bad campaigns will assure that you are always running a successful and efficient advertising campaign.

Checklist for Selecting Right Keyword Tool

  • Gives exact, broad, and other match types, as well as control over how to get these matches
  • Has options for arranging keywords
  • Customer support

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