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Tips and Tactics

  • Understanding who you are targeting with your keywords can help you in your research. Are you targeting logical searchers, who may ask a different set of questions than emotional buyers.
  • In addition to optimizing keyword lists and managing them, another thing that will boost page rankings is by optimizing your website, and in particular, your landing page.

Additional Tools

  • Google AdWords
  • Quark
  • Microsoft Office
  • Keyword Generator


  • is a blog that deals with internet marketing and offers an article on how to use keyword list management tools from a person who created a tool
  • is a web marketing firm who offers a wide variety of services, including keyword management
  • is a professional consulting and online advertising management company, who offers a broad range of services

Alternatives to Consider

Google's AdWords program offers users pretty much every tool needed to measure and maintain an online advertising campaign. Google provides many different ways to generate keyword ideas and easily compile data to check the metrics of each campaign.

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