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Keyword analysis tools are used by webmasters to come up with different ideas for versions of keywords to use in campaigns, or to analyze text to determine keyword density, or other types of optimization. When a keyword is entered into the tool, it returns many different variations and suggestions to help find similar keywords that can be bid on in a campaign. Some keyword tools can also show how many times a particular word or phrase was searched for over a specific time period.


Good keyword analysis tools can be found for free online, or can be purchased for a small fee. Google and Yahoo offer free, quality tools which are very sophisticated and useful to their advertisers.

Usage Scenario

Keyword tools are useful for a variety of different purposes. Webmasters can use them when trying to decide which keywords are popular when bidding on domain names or for narrowing down topic lists, as well as providing a guideline of monetary costs. For example, if you are in the shoe business, and are looking to design a site around something having to do with shoes, you may find that although the keyword 'shoes' has hundreds of thousands of hits each month, it is also extremely expensive. After using a keyword analysis tool, budget-conscious webmasters may choose to purchase 'designer shoes' or another variation, which may be much cheaper, while still being popular. For SEO purposes, a keyword tool can be used by writers as they might use a thesaurus, to generate ideas for similar words to use when writing content for a site.

Selection Checklist

  • Filters: a good keyword tool should allow users to customize searches in different ways, and to limit and expand the parameters of searches and results.
  • Number of hits per defined time period, or popularity of keyword
  • Suggests alternate keywords
  • Gives estimated cost of each keyword

Continue to Part II: Keyword Selection Software Tool»

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