Techniques and References on Keyword Ad Tools

Tips and Tactics

  • When a keyword is underperforming, or when you find one that is performing very well, a keyword analysis tool can help find other, similar ones to use, or replacements for non-productive ones.
  • Keyword tools can also be used to narrow down a category and discover more specific keywords, such as 'shoes' to 'cross trainers' or 'patent leather shoes'. Oftentimes these more specific words cost much less, and are just as effective as the broader, more competitive keywords.
  • Keyword analyzing tools can be used to look for niches to exploit. Although as the web continues to grow and bidding wars for top keywords have driven the prices up, bargains still do remain. Using keyword tool, savvy users can look for words which still have low cost to performance ratios, and then look to market those words.

Additional Tools

  • Google AdWords
  • WordTracker
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool


  • Google offers a range of quality keyword analysis tools and programs to their users, as well as plenty of information and guidelines on how to use them
  • offers several articles and guides on how to best use keyword analysis software to help your site
  • offers lots of resources and articles on a variety of subjects. Here is an article on some mistakes to look out for in your keyword analysis
  • offers an article on how to choose between keyword tools, and how to pick a good one:

Alternatives to Consider

Domain tools are similar to keyword analysis tools, but they offer useful information to those looking to purchase domain names that keyword tools do not offer. Domain tools allow users to see page rankings for sites with a given domain name, determine ownership details, and determine availability.

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