Techniques and Articles on Successful Viral Campaigns

Tips and Tactics

  • The main idea behind viral marketing is the idea of concentric circles. Basically what you're trying to do is to create a fad or phenomenon. In order for this to work you must have a small, dedicated group of users.
  • Publicity stunts are interesting ways to draw attention to a product, company, or service. Outrageousness can go a long way in this type of campaign so creating strong feelings one way or another will help people to remember what it is you are selling. Videos and photos are great ways to get this point across.
  • Your audience or customer base must be invested in the company or product, so allowing them to leave feedback or testimonials on a webpage or otherwise to make their voice heard is not only a key to this type of marketing but could be considered a law.
  • Another great way to create interest is through contests and giveaways. Inviting people to participate in contests is a fun and creative way for people to take part.

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