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Quite simply, internet marketing is the business side of the world wide web, including search engine marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, blog marketing, the various forms of advertising, and others. The internet is used in a variety of ways to promote and advertise a product, website, or organization. The speed and efficiency of the internet provides a way, through press releases, blogs, banners, pop up ads, email newsletters, articles, and others, to quickly and, normally, fairly cheaply spread the word about whatever is being sold or promoted. Advertising sales, ecommerce, lead-based sales, and different optimization techniques are all included in the category. Internet marketing can also include creative forms of advertising such as using social networking sites, forums, grassroots, video ads, word of mouth, and classified advertising means. Internet marketing is a multibillion dollar industry which has taken off in the recent years. Companies such as eBay which use online auctions are also forms internet marketing.


The costs for internet marketing can vary from free to as much money as one wants to spend. Savvy internet marketers are always trying to create a viral effect, in which a message, or bit of information is packaged in such a way as to spread exponentially across the web with little or no money pushing it through. On the other hand, large corporations are able to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) on internet ad campaigns which show up on the most popular sites.


Different forms of internet marketing can take different lengths of time to bear the fruit of the efforts. Some, like Google's AdWords can begin to show results almost immediately, as advertisers are basically paying Google to send traffic to their sites.

Execution Considerations

Each branch of internet marketing has its own benefits and drawbacks, so care should be taken to perform due diligence on which one, or ones will be the best for each individual. Given the speed on which the internet functions, sellers undertaking an internet marketing campaign should have everything in order before beginning an advertising program. If you start an ad campaign it is possible that sales will increase almost immediately, and if certain items are out of stock, it will be a negative for your company.

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