Engaging Online Influencers for Marketing Campaigns


Influencer marketing is the targeting of specific individuals who are determined to have influence in a certain social sphere, and marketing a product towards them, rather than spending money on a wide and generalized marketing campaign. The idea is that when influential people are seen using a specific product, others will want to learn more and will make purchases. The main parts of influencer marketing are identifying who are influencers, marketing to them, marketing through them, and designing a campaign which both parties work together.


Influencer marketing costs are typically much lower than those of standard marketing campaigns because it is a much smaller group of people that are being targeted and the campaign is more intimate.


Influencer marketing is not an overnight solution. In fact, it can take quite some time for one of these programs to bear fruit. Lists must be compiled, people contacted, and then the trickle down effect must be given time to work.

Successful Campaign Execution

The most important aspect in this type of marketing is to identify those people who do have influence over others. Lists such as 'Who's Who', 'Top 100' and similar lists that are annually published in industry trades can be beneficial for this type of activity. Also, community activists, political activists, and people involved with charities can be identified. Online, social media networks are great places to find these people. Look for people with large friends lists. Bloggers can be tremendous boons and can offer hundreds or thousands of readers who can all become potential customers.

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