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  • Video ads are terrific ways to directly reach the population and with the growing popularity of video on the internet, creating a campaign and asking customers to send in their video testimonials are very powerful ways for customers to express themselves and companies who allow and encourage this don't have to spend too much extra money from their advertising budget.
  • Before starting, lists should be made and companies should rank influencers based on their own criteria. Not all influencers have the same range, carry the same weight, and influence the same circles. Targeting some for an online campaign, as well as offline will assure that all bases are covered.
  • Some other criteria to keep in mind are how many people a certain influencer can reach, the quality of those he does reach, how close he is to higher up people himself, and so on. All these should be ranked according to individual programs to maximize their reach.
  • Of course, the idea behind this type of marketing is to use the influencer to help build a network, so offering easy access though links, webpages, forums, blogs, and so on can help the influencer pass along the word, and have a discussion area waiting for the new customers who decide to learn more.

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