Importance of Direct Contact Information on Website

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Although many internet businesses are done totally and completely online, with the only correspondence being email, comments left on blogs, or simply an incoming order form from a purchase, giving customers every chance possible to contact your and your business is a must. Including a telephone number on your website, as well as a physical address, fax, and cell number, allows customers to feel safe and confident that they are doing business with a professional company, whom they can contact however they choose.

Why Still Relevant

While some will say that the internet has moved past needing telephone numbers, and that email has replaced this necessity, it simply is not true. The most sophisticated computer users may have moved on, but the large majority of internet buyers and consumers still prefer the sound of a human voice, and to pick up the phone to make a call before purchasing an item, or to check on its delivery.

User Expectations

Although eCommerce and internet business is becoming a major component of the economy, many people are still cautious when it comes to giving out their credit card number, sending money, and otherwise passing along valuable information. Putting a telephone number on your website is important in that it gives potential customers, not only the confidence that they are doing business with real people who they can contact and who aren't trying to hide, but also the convenience of being able to call for customer service and other issues, without having to wait for an email to be returned, or the inconvenience of Instant Messenger (IM). Downloading and using a software program like Skype allows users to easily get together and arrange teleconferences, or conference calls.

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