Low Cost Phone Setup for Website Owners


Websites have gone from just posting a telephone number where clients could call a real live person, to also offering real-time chats, and VOIP services. Skype is the leading voice over internet protocol (VOIP) and can be used to make free or very low-priced calls over the interent. The internet and internet calling has lowered long distance rates dramatically, and the quality has improved immensely since the days when dial-up service was the only way to connect over the internet. Indeed, if both parties have DSL or another high speed service, the quality of the sound of the call over Skype is much better than a normal call over a regular landline phone. Skype and other online calling services also offers new and clever ways to integrate calls, email, voice messages, video, and IM. New ways are being developed in which users can leave voice messages through Skype and receive them through email, or even use the service to send money through Paypal, as well as files, video messages, photos, and more.

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