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One of the fastest growing demographics in the United States, if not the fastest, is the Hispanic population. Latinos are making their presence felt in the marketplace, both online and offline, and their reach is being felt in dramatic ways. Marketers and companies that are ahead of the curve have been, or are in the process of creating ad campaigns directed at this group, and are increasingly offering advertisements, literature, and commercials in Spanish to try to target this increasingly powerful demographic. The nature of the global economy is that of neighboring countries joining in trading blocs and entering into free trade agreements. For the United States, the Americas are full of Spanish speaking countries which are increasingly interested in doing business with the US and Canada. Many websites are translating their content into Spanish in attempts to enter into this market.


Depending on the type of media (radio, television, internet, print) the costs should not cost any more than advertising to non-Latino audiences.


Designing an advertising campaign geared towards Latin audiences should take the same amount of time as any other type of campaign, relative to the medium that it is being created for.

Action Plan

The first step in your plan should be to determine the feasibility of instituting such a plan. Do most customers come from a local, city, state, national, or international level? Most towns, and almost all cities in the United States have rapidly growing Hispanic populations, but is it economically feasible for your company to spend its resources to create a tailor-made campaign to reach them? In places like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago, and New York, the answer is probably yes. In other places which have yet to feel the influx of Hispanics on a large scale in their communities, the answer may be a bit less clear. Regardless, one thing is for sure, the face of America is changing, and the companies which are the more forward-thinking and able to get their name linked to the Hispanic community, will be the ones which prosper in the upcoming years.

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