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Grassroots marketing, occasionally called guerilla marketing, is a low-cost form of advertising which is based on the idea of using social organizations to market to the influential top members of any group, and then allowing word of mouth to take over, and to develop a brand image as leaders and those with influence help to strengthen the brand. Grassroots marketing can be an organic form of marketing, and can use traditional advertising methods, such as radio commercials and billboards, but initially the target audience should always be trend-setters, and those who influence others.


Grassroots marketing is typically a low-cost form of advertising, and online, it is also referred to as viral marketing. Since the idea is to create a phenomenon of sorts, this can be accomplished through a variety of ways, such as creating a video and promoting it, or emailing jokes, photos, or interesting stories, in the hopes that the recipients send them along to others and so on. Since there are many unique ways to conduct such a campaign, costs can run from only spending time promoting, to hiring firms to handle the campaign, which can cost anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars.


Grassroots marketing is a very slow form of advertising and given that word of mouth is the force behind it, several weeks or months should be given to determine its effectiveness.

Successful Campaign Execution

Before embarking on a grassroots marketing campaign, due diligence should be done to determine short and long-term strategies. Target audiences and influential people should be designated. If a video or other form of 'commercial' is to be used to promote a company, item, or service, then it has to be produced and sent to the members of a mailing list, or uploaded to various sites where it can be viewed and passed along.

Continue to Part II: Grassroots Marketing Campaigns»

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