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Search engine marketing programs, such as Google's AdWords, Yahoo's Sponsored Search and Search Submit, MSN's adCenter, and shopping feeds, are all used to place ads on the search engine results pages, websites, blogs, indexes, and directories. Paid search engine marketing is a multibillion dollar a year business, that grows several times over each year. These programs allow users to set a variety of parameters such as time, geographic location, and the like, so setting the parameters to conduct a global search engine marketing campaign is as easy as making a few clicks of the mouse, but just because it is so easy for any company to show their ads globally, does not mean that all websites and ecommerce businesses should.


The costs for a global search engine campaign are not necessarily a great deal more than a local one, since users have full control over when, where, and how often their ads appear. Going global, you may not have to spend more money for your campaign, but you may want to. Since you will only have a certain number of ads for a certain amount of money, a global audience may result in more hits, so you may use your budget faster.


Although results can be seen almost immediately, perfecting a global search engine marketing campaign will take some time. Once the ads begin showing, traffic to your site should pick up immediately. To maximize your strategy, running several campaigns at the same time will allow you to test different strategies and keywords. Those that don't perform as well can be stopped with a few clicks of the mouse, and those funds can be redirected into more profitable streams.

Focus on Results

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of paid search engine marketing. Understanding which words generate the most traffic, and then picking those which are economically viable for your budget will help get a campaign off the ground. Understanding your company and your demographics is highly important. Asking yourself if a global campaign is indeed the best strategy and thinking long and hard about this and being honest with yourself is key. Can your company afford the shipping charges, taxes, and extra costs that can accrue if your website is an ecommerce business.

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