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Forums are great places for people from all industries, walks of life, and from all backgrounds, to meet online and discuss any subject. Forums exist to discuss any topic imaginable, but they are also great places for business owners to come to pick up ideas on what the public is interested in, and to get outside perspectives on their industry. Forum marketing is not an exact science like other types of online marketing, so requires some creativity, and conducting oneself a certain way, more than anything else.


The only investment that needs to be made is time. Forums cost nothing to join, but to be truly effective, time must be spent building credibility and making your presence known. Joining a forum is as easy as signing up and creating a profile, which can be done in a few minutes. To truly be taken seriously and to make a name for yourself and your product, you must spend hours online posting responses and starting threads.

Execution Details

Forum marketing is basically the act of building up credibility on forums and then using that credibility to make recommendations, build a network of interested parties, and mildly promoting your products or company. Basically the idea is not to enter a forum and start posting all over about how great your company and products are, but rather to keep a low-key presence and gently persuade people to have a look at what you offer. It is important to note that a certain sense of good manners and decorum will serve you well in such a setting. Upon joining a forum, you are basically entering into what, for all intents, is a community of people who have been meeting online for long periods of time. This is not yet your turf, so introducing yourself, being helpful and polite, and offering your unique perspective on the conversations and topics.

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