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First there were banners, stable, boring text-based banners, that might have some graphics or a photo attached to them. Then Flash came on the scene, and brought a whole new dimension to the game. Banners were the first and most famous form of internet advertising for many years, and have changed throughout the years. Banners are fixtures on almost every website out there, providing information, advertisements, and links to other sites. For affiliate marketing and many other forms of online marketing banners are the first and last form of publicity. Flash allows users to create more interesting, exciting, and interactive banners than ever before, giving online marketers more choices.

Costs and Skills Required

Flash banners can be created by using Macromedia's Flash design program, or through various free or low- cost Flash banner building sites online. Flash software generally costs a few hundred dollars, and requires a certain amount of skill to master. The online builders are simple to use and don't require many advanced skills to produce a usable and professional-looking banner.


  • Templates
  • Easily upload
  • Customizable

Practical Usage

Flash banners are generally used by affiliate advertisers, who are able to provide the code to their network of publishers through their affiliate programs. In this scenario, the advertiser uses Flash, or a similar program to create the advertisement, then makes the code available to any publisher who signs up for the program. Banners can come in varying sizes and can run vertical or horizontal on the page, and should generally be somewhat customizable to easily fit on any webpage.

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