Custom Animations and Flash Presentations on Sites

Tips and Tactics

  • In addition to creating advertising and promotional banners, creating a Flash introduction for your site can give you an exciting and interesting portal to your site, which can help set your website apart from the competition.
  • Flash can be used to create entire websites. Flash websites are more interactive and graphics-heavy than regular Dreamweaver or FrontPage sites. Many ecommerce sites, or websites which are designed to show photos, illustrations, and graphics are created completely using Flash, whereas those that are more text-based are typically created in Dreamweaver or FrontPage.
  • Animated banners are not just interesting and cool to look at, but also provide a higher click-through rate than static banners, up to 30% according to some studies. Although this is true, it is also true that Flash banners are heavier and more complex, meaning that they do take longer to download than static banners, which can cause problems for users with slower connections. Designers should always make sure to use all available options to decrease the size of the file as much as possible so as to reduce the length of time needed for the download.

Additional Tools

  • Macromedia Suite
  • Dreamweaver
  • Affiliate marketing programs
  • Photoshop


  • is your best resource to get ready to use attractive flash banners and website headers
  • is a Flash resource site featuring ready-made Flash games, intros, and banners which can easily be customized to fit different needs
  • offers free banner creation tools which can be used to create personal banners, more professional ones, or anything in between
  • is a design resource site featuring articles, tools, and tips on a variety of subjects, including some ideas for creating animated web banners

Alternatives to Consider

If you haven't yet signed up for a web hosting service, many are now offering development tools, such as site building tools, banner creation tools, and more. For webmasters who feel that Flash might be an option for their site, but who do not want to spend the time learning this program, many hosting solutions companies are now offering Flash building tools free to their clients.

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