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Evangelist marketing is probably the oldest type of marketing, having grown out of the first person recommending an item, service, or tool to another. What evangelist marketing is, in truth, is merely the recommendation of a product or company to others by a true believer. The internet and blogging in particular, has allowed this type of word of mouth marketing to take hold and become a powerful force in modern business. Nothing is as powerful as an independent advocate for a company or for their products or services, and this type of quality advertising can't be bought. The Internet is full of independent websites that consumers have spent their own time and money building and maintaining.


True evangelist marketing is not carried out by the company, rather by individuals, who spend their own money on websites, purchasing products, and any other way they choose to get the word out.

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Consumers who want to evangelize for their favorite companies can do so in almost any way they see fit. Creating websites, blogging about upcoming and existing products, starting and monitoring forums, or just speaking out to friends and families are just some ways to show support. Advocates who have particularly interesting and unique techniques, can contact the companies and attempt to gain inside information, and become more 'in the know' by letting the company know what they are doing to help, and asking for some support. One of the most well-known recent examples of consumer evangelism for a company is Subway sandwiches and the man who lost massive weight on a diet which consisted mostly of their sandwiches. Subway was clever enough to realize what a magic moment this was, and in the end, designed a advertising campaign around his story.

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