How to Get Sales From Smart Customers

Tips and Tactics

  • Although many companies seek to capture this type of marketing campaign by artificially creating an evangelist, which in reality is nothing more than a corporate shill, it probably won't have as powerful an effect as the real thing, and certainly won't have the passion. A better way would be to simply find a devoted customer and assist him in his advocacy and nurture his friendship.
  • Artificially creating this type of phenomenon certainly has its disadvantages, what can be done is to foster consumer communication and discourse by providing them with forums and places to show their support. Contests and asking for and publishing testimonials are great ways to improve customer support, as well as to try to find budding evangelists.
  • Video ads are terrific ways to directly reach the population and with the growing popularity of video on the internet, creating a campaign and asking customers to send in their video testimonials are very powerful ways for customers to express themselves and companies who allow and encourage this don't have to spend too much extra money from their advertising budget.

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