Effective Email Marketing For Your Store or Website

Introduction to Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are powerful marketing tool to keep your current customers abreast with new developments, products, special offers in your company. Newsletters, whether traditional or sent through emails result in attractive return on investment when considered in terms of time and money since majority of recipients are already interested in your products or services. Also email newsletters enable companies to provide in-depth information about the offering compared with the limited real estate and attention span available in any other form of advertisements. For most items, well educated customers are more likely to make the purchase rather than the customers who make decision on the spur of moment.

Cost of Email Newsletter Campaigns

Email newsletter is very cost effective marketing tactic with all that required to run the campaign is time to put together compelling short letter with updates about your business. If you do not have list of your own then you can rent such list at reasonable price, typically $100 for 1000 addresses but the returns from such rented lists is dramatically less than if the list is of your own customers and contacts who are genuinely interested in your offering.

Time Commitment for Email Newsletter

Creation and distribution of email newsletter is much quicker process compared with that of traditional newsletters. While printing and mailing of hard copy newsletter takes substantial amount of time, with electronic medium there is no distribution overhead, no third parties to work with, and the delivery is instant. Typically, you will see results from newsletter campaign within one week.

Action Plan Template for Successful Newsletter Campaign

Rather than taking time to design layouts and program the newsletters, templates can be used which offer ability for user to fill in the blanks with text, photographs, images, graphics, logos, and client references. Newsletter templates are readily available either free or at very low cost. Using the same template every time, can help you develop brand for your newsletter. Keeping the same format, logo, message style every time helps user better navigate their way through. Email newsletter is also great if you use the content as a teaser to main entry on your website. Only post 1/3rd piece in the newsletter and provide link to your website for accessing the entire story.

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