Visitor Behavior Analysis for Identifying Fake Clicks

You Should Know

  • Many times click fraud is misdiagnosed, when the real problem lies in the landing page, or in the ad campaign. With A/B testing, new advertising strategies and page changes can be tested to determine if the cause is actually the website itself or a poorly designed campaign.
  • Google is very tough on click fraud, but they do not release their technology. Some innocent publishers have had their accounts ended by Google for click fraud due to sudden spikes in revenue. Keeping log reports, and account statistics on hand can be key to helping get reinstated if you are banned by Google. Being courteous, patient, and forthright when dealing with Google will help you to plead your case to the company. It is an unfortunate event to be banned, but also one that can be fixed, provided everyone handles themselves professionally, and has the information to prove their innocence.

Additional Tools

  • Web analytics
  • PPC advertising
  • Robots

Reference Links

  • is a solutions provider, offering numerous services to PPC advertisers, publishers, and other internet marketers
  • offers customers detailed reports and easy to understand forensic analysis of their sites, campaigns, by comparing real visitor data to questionable ones. They offer a variety of software solutions to clients
  • GoogieWoogie is a blog dealing with Google matters, which offers some articles on a variety of topics regarding the advertising giant

Alternatives to Special Click Fraud Detection Software

Basic web analytics can help provide users with reports that can help smaller webmasters monitor and track their campaigns, and are highly useful even if you don't believe that you are a victim of click fraud. Simply for managing websites, these programs can provide the metrics and track users' behaviors and can give webmasters lots of information regarding their sites, campaigns, and visitors.

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