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Classified marketing is a powerful and low-cost way to advertise products and services both online and offline. In the real world, this form of marketing has been around seemingly as long as there have been magazines and newspapers, and when the internet first arrived on the scene, classified sites began popping up almost immediately. One of the most successful online classified websites of all time has to be In just a few years Craigslist has gone from a small website designed just for a few people, to a worldwide phenomenon with classified pages for all major cities in the world where people can post their goods and services free of charge. Generally speaking, all that is required for a classified marketing campaign is a short, succinct advertisement that features all the relevant information, most importantly contact information.

How Much It Costs?

The only real cost that a classified marketing campaign will incur is that of time. Software called a classified ad poster can be purchased for a few dollars and can save lots of time. Other classifieds sites charge a small fee, but never anything very expensive.

Timeframe to See Results from Classifieds

The timeframe required for a classified marketing campaign is very little. Ads can be posted online and can begin showing up almost immediately. Given this, it's quite possible to see results almost immediately, but generally it should take a couple of days.

Action Plan for Getting Traffic From Classifieds

Basically the two most important aspects of a classified marketing campaign are the ad itself, and the sites in which you choose to display it. Ads can be as simple as just having text describing what you are selling, or they can be more elaborate featuring graphics, photos, and logos. One aspect of classified marketing that is typically overlooked is the use of keywords. Since search engines view every page posted, they also search and rank classified ads that are posted. Targeting specific keywords in your ad and in the title can help your ad achieve a good ranking with both internal and external search engines. As with any page on the Internet higher page rankings mean more traffic and more sales.

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