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Introduction to WebLogs or Blogs

Blogging is a way of self-publishing over the internet, in which a user signs up with a company such as Wordpress, Blogger.com, or others and the company hosts what is basically a private website, which can easily be updated as often as the user likes. Blogging is a great way for people to quickly become known as experts on any given topic, and is increasingly becoming a lucrative way to make money. Website owners can easily incorporate a blog into a website to keep the content fresh which in turn will move the site up the rankings.

Cost for Running a Blog

Blogs can be set up for free, or a small monthly fee can be paid for hosting services that offer some additional features. The only real cost is time, and perhaps a hosting service if you want to have a full feature blog. Web hosting costs normally run between $5-$25 per month.

Timeframe to Get Popularity for a Blog

A blog can be set up within minutes, and as soon as you type an entry and push ‘enter’ the article or post is instantly published. To get a blog known, to move up the rankings, and to build a following of loyal readers, can take quite some time, however. Some bloggers update their blogs several times per day, and others sporadically—it’s entirely up to the individual. If the idea of your blog is for money making purposes, and part of your strategy is to advertise using an online marketing program, such as Google’s AdWords, then the ad campaign must be given time to drive traffic to the blog, perhaps several weeks, or months.

Advice for Getting Success

Starting a blog is an exciting thing, but the best blogs are those that are focused and know exactly what their purpose is. The way to build up a strong following and a loyal readership is to provide readers with good, accurate, and useful content, and to update on a regular basis. A sure way to lose readers is to not update for a long period of time. One great feature of blogs is the commentary section. Here readers can leave feedback and comments on the content and carry out a discussion. Inviting readers to comment and to join in the discussion will help them to become invested in the blog, and will want to return to see what others have to say about their comments. Blogs can also be used to make money, and by allowing advertisers and affiliates to show their ads on your blog, they will pay you a fraction of all sales. If you have a successful blog with hundreds or thousands of views per day, you then have a great outlet to sell advertising space.

Continue to Part II: How To Improve Blog Popularity»

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